Chronic Inflammation – A Naturopathic approach
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Chronic Inflammation – A Naturopathic approach

Most of us associate “inflammation” with some sort of pain, swelling, redness or swelling. It is obvious. But the inflammation I’m referring to, is usually more silent and subtle in its nature. It is a “bubbling under the surface” kind of inflammation – and drives most, if not all disease states.

There is a greater acceptance that chronic low grade inflammation (or silent inflammation) is actually the warning signal for us that something bigger is on the way. And a large body of scientific research is now gaining momentum, linking cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, auto-immune disease, and depression as being primarily inflammation driven.

Can’t sleep?  Try L-theanine for insomnia and better mental health.
Immunity, Inflammation, Mental Health, Sleep
Can’t sleep? Try L-theanine for insomnia and better mental health.

Anxiety, insomnia, heightened stress response & systemic inflammation unfortunately seem to be part of life these days. L-theanine a naturally occuring amino-acid found in tea, is a non-addictive and a relatively cheap nutritional supplement addition. L-theanine has been studied extensively for his ability to reduce mental and physical stress and improve mental concentration, mood and cognition. It has also been shown supportive in depression like symptoms and even schizophrenia.

L-theanine supplementation along with tailored personalised advice, allows a person with anxiety or insomnia more of a window of time and tolerance. To regain their footing long enough in developing more ability to discovering the root cause of their anxiety or insomnia. Lets face it, anything is possible with restorative healing quality sleep and reduced neuroinflammation.

Andrographus – my herbal pick for immunity boosting
Gut-brain-immune, Immunity, Inflammation
Andrographus – my herbal pick for immunity boosting

Andrographus would be my favourite go to herb as a general immune system booster and flu fighter. Specific for chest or head colds and influenza (think chest, throat and head) – I mix this herb with others if sinus infection/congestion or throat pain is present for added targeting. It is specific for fighting virus’s and bacterial illnesses (especially respiratory or upper respiratory) and stealth infections like Lyme and Lyme like disease.

Specific for those who haven’t quite gotten over the flu and still feel vulnerable to re-catching it, or are around people with the flu and wish to prevent it.


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