You are what you eat

One of the simplest and most effective changes you can make for better mental and physical health is through the food that you eat. Food really can be your medicine, or your poison.  It can cause inflammation in the body or sooth it.

Using specific foods to restore health as far as I’m concerned, is about going back to basics. Eating simple, clean food that is appropriate for us as individuals, our genetic backgrounds and our individual requirements.

When you have a true understanding of why certain foods are beneficial and others are not, you can begin to make informed, healthy choices that will have a huge impact on your health.

It’s about adding in the right nutritious foods, not dieting!

Working collaboratively with you, I will encourage you to make small, achievable changes to your diet, adding in highly-nutritious foods, rather than retricting and only taking away offending foods.

Of course there may be foods that need to be removed either permanently or temporarily from your diet for reasons such as suspected intolerance. But I will show you plenty of healthy and yummy alternatives that will also improve your health.

And YES, I am a believer that excess added sugar is a cause of inflammation and most disease, but NO I won’t tell you to stop eating fruit!

Using food for your specific health conditions

A healthy diet can help you with:

  • mental health
  • depression & anxiety
  • hormonal or endocrine imbalances
  • digestive issues
  • frequent colds or flu
  • skin problems
  • weight loss and weight gain
  • blood sugar control & diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • auto-immune conditions
  • maintenance of good health


When food isn’t enough – using nutritional supplements to improve your health

Nutrition is not only about what food you eat, but also about the ability of your body to absorb those nutrients. While it is ideal to get your nutrition from fresh food, most of us unfortunately have been unwell or out of balance for some time, or have a digestive system which is unable to effectively absorb key nutrients.  Also, our food is grown in soil which is often depleted from key minerals, therefore specific nutritional supplements can help support the healing process.

Long-term sustainable change, not dietary fads

I will educate you with dietary tools for long-term and sustainable change.

If you are ready to take control of your eating habits, rather than letting food control you, contact me now.

Sally Boore has kept me healthy for 17 years. She's helped me get my body and my wellbeing back on track after being diagnosed and prescribed anti-depressants for exhaustion and adrenal fatigue. Through her skilled and caring expertise, she's helped me regain my health and energy...and I still haven't taken those anti-depressants!” Jill, 45 years old
Are you ready to feel well?