Helping you be your best self

We will work together in a collaborative manner which is fundamentally based on mutual respect, trust and clear communication.

I will take into account your history, belief systems, feelings, attitudes, social relationships and environment.

I also acknowledge your patterns of eating, working, resting, sleeping and exercising.

You will get out of this what you put in, and I am committed to be your guide and support along the way.


Collaborating with other healthcare professionals

I work in a transparent and collaborative way with other health care practitioners and specialists which allows me to support you more effectively.

I also draw on my knowledge of functional medicine & testing, pathology, epigenetics, herbal and nutritional medicine, counselling, Gestalt Psychotherapy and neuroscience. Along with mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, to support you back to balance and health.

Most importantly… I never lose sight of your body’s innate ability to heal itself when given a chance.

I wholeheartedly believe in the healing powers of the simple ordinary things we take for granted like being in nature, music, pets, movement, connection with others, having meaning in our life, laughter and practicing gratitude.


Taking the time to understand you

Your true health is achieved not just the by absence of disease or injury.

It is also long-term physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

I aim to offer you the opportunity to find this because I will take the time to listen.

I’ll offer what you need at any particular time, to create sustainable change so you thrive.


Progress, not perfection

I know what it is like to be unwell and out of balance and I wholeheartedly believe it is about progress, not perfection.

It is about the little changes, one small step at a time, that are achievable and will make a long-term difference to your health.

I aim to instil hope whilst showing you the possibilities of being truly well.

It is possible to reclaim health, vitality and thrive.

I believe the cause & treatment of most illnesses is multi-layered

Our current health model has us looking for the “magic bullet” to cure every disease.

Yet most of our diseases do not have just a single cause. They are the result of multiple factors which are not addressed when looking only at a “magic bullet” treatment.


Reducing the Burden

Imagine yourself as a pack horse unable to stand under the weight of a heavy load. By reducing some of that heaviness, you can again stand and feel able to continue on the journey.

Like the horse, many people feel better by simply removing a few burdens that are weighing them down. The sum total of these burdens are called the “Total Load” – which contribute to disease or discomfort.

Another description I like to use, is that for health to return – we need to alter the terrain of the body (and mind).  Once the terrain is altered for the better (by removing irritations and blockages to health), then balance and health naturally returns. This is the Law of Physics.


I look for the root causes of disease

When there is an imbalance in your system, your body provides signals. These signals can feel like a “messenger bearing bad news”.

By “listening” to the information the messenger is sending, you can discover the underlying causes, and restore balance and health.

Treating only the symptoms, is like shooting the messenger.

The underlying dysfunction is still present.


Everyone is unique

A one size fits all approach doesn’t work.

We all have unique biochemistry, genetics, environments, histories, stories, feelings, early life experience, thoughts and beliefs.

Each of us is unique in the way we digest food, which foods nourish us, which ones we are sensitive to and how we detoxify chemicals, drugs and pollutants.

Everything is inter-connected

Our mind, body and emotions are all connected and influence each other.

If our body has pain, our mental health will be compromised. Conversely, our thoughts and attitudes have an enormous impact on our physical wellbeing.

We are also connected to, and influenced by our environment and the people around us. Looking at only one “part” without taking into account the “whole” is inaccurate and not sustainable.

Our Genes need to be well nourished

Thanks to the science of Epigenetics we now know that what we subject our body to will determine how our genes are expressed.

The level of nourishment we provide our genes can influence whether a certain gene gets turned on or off, and ultimately whether we develop certain diseases or not.

What we eat, think, how we move, what nutritional supplements we take and our environmental toxicity, all have a remarkable effect on our genes, and therefore our health.

We can’t change our genetic hardwiring, but we can nourish our genes consciously.

I test for specific genes which have been linked to mental health conditions, cardiovascular health and infertility.

Working with Sally at Blues Point practice was a complete pleasure. She is not only an extremely supportive colleague, open and honest with her opinions but a complete professional at all times. She was always happy to share her knowledge and act in many ways as a mentor. Several of the clients that we both treated commented on her nurturing personality and the ability to help them move through various issues in a safe and comfortable environment. Sally is a well-respected practitioner who has much to offer.” Sue Collett – Remedial Therapist, Flower Essences, Lymphatic Drainage, Energetic Body Work.
Are you ready to feel well?