Understand your 'self' in the here and now...

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

Our emotional health cannot be separated from our physical health. Or put another way, the mind cannot be separated from the body.  You may have noticed that your body has a physical reaction to the way you think, feel and act. It is known that the microbiome in our gut influence our mind, mood, and behaviour (both positively or negatively).  In turn, our thoughts, breathing habits, muscular tensions and posture also affect the behaviour and integrity of our gut and every organ system.

Stresses and upsets in our personal or work lives can all take their toll, both emotionally and physically. To re-balance our physical body, we often need to look at our emotional health and attitudes that we may have taken for granted.

Unresolved emotions or mental health issues can affect the physical body in many ways.

  • Even after the original stress or trauma, the body continues to secrete massive amounts of stress hormones which can weaken the body’s immune system or digestive system, making us more likely to get colds, infections, and digestive complaints.  In the scientific research there is a clear link now with early life stress and auto-immunity (approx 80% of our immune system resides in our gut)
  • When we are emotionally stressed, we may want to zone out and find ourselves moving towards soothing calming and dopamine (the brains feel good chemical) producing behaviour.  This may be when addictive behaviours and habits become apparent and may affect our everyday negatively – we may turn to food, alcohol, tobacco or other drugs to “medicate” emotions…or behaviours such as overworking, compulsive gaming or social media use etc.

Talking with someone in a private and safe environment

Most of us know how it feels to be really genuinely seen and heard by another person…or perhaps it was a cherished pet if it wasn’t a human. Even if it has been a rare occurrence, it can feel like a thirst quenching relief. If this has been a rare experience for you, it can really help to have somebody who is experienced and objective to listen to you and see you.

Someone who:

  • is “outside” of your problem/family/friendships/workplace
  • curious about YOU and your experience
  • will give support & tools to navigate through life’s ups and downs
  • is not at all interested in judging you
  • will see & respect you as a whole person (body, mind and spirit) with your own unique past, and your own unique way of looking at and living life

Together we develop tools and resources, to bring about gentle change in a supportive, safe and confidential environment.


Why see a Psychotherapist or Counsellor? 

The overall aim of Psychotherapy is to facilitate the development of self awareness.

For example; Counselling & Psychotherapy can help bring more awareness and understanding to our automatic and habitual emotional responses (what I term our “reactions”).  These automatic reactions may be what we have always done, but somewhere deep within ourselves, we wonder if there was a different way?  These automatic responses may look something like…

  • that we are attracted to the same type of partner every time we date (or marry), but it never seems to work out the way we want it to;
  • or we are always talking to ourselves negatively and critically, and we wish it wasn’t so;
  • or that we want to respond more patiently to our kids, spouse or work colleague;
  • or that we wish we could make a big change to our job/our home circumstances/our health, but don’t ever get around to doing anything about it;

Psychotherapy can support you to develop more resources to give you more scope to choose a different response in your relating to others…and yourself.  Perhaps mindfully working towards a response (rather than an old familiar reaction) which ideally supports you to feel more joy, peace and happiness in your life and relationships.

Are you caught in behavioural patterns that are not working for you? We all face challenges in our lives that at times can feel unrelenting and overwhelming. How we respond to these particular challenges will be determined by our nature, environment past and present, our learned behaviours…and even our DNA (we now know that past traumas from previous generations affect DNA through epigenetics).

I gained a Masters degree in the somatic/body inclusive modality of Gestalt Psychotherapy and Counselling, with post graduate education in Mindfulness, Positive Neuroplasticity Training and Somatic/Sensorymotor Psychotherapy.

And in the spirit of approaching anyone I meet holistically, I also have extensive experience and scientific training as a Naturopath and Nutritionist.  In particular this knowledge supports me to understand the many underlying reasons why an individual can feel mood imbalances or mentally unwell (e.g. Hashimotos thyroiditis; auto-immunity; food sensitivities; gut micro-biome imbalances; infections; environmental toxic burdens such as heavy metals or mould/water damage in your environment etc)

I believe my job is assist you to discover your own uniqueness and your own answers.  By bringing your whole being (body, mind and soul/spirit) and taking into account your environment and relationship influences, Gestalt is a holistic modality which invites you into the present moment.  To deepen awareness of how you are in the world, or relate to the world. I aim to work collaboratively with you, and ultimately eventually make myself redundant!

I have professional memberships with Pacfa (Psychotherapy And Counselling Federation of Australia) and GANZ (Gestalt Australia and New Zealand).  Psychotherapy consultations can be claimed through private health insurers Medibank Private, and in late July 2020 Bupa and Police Health.

A supportive and safe environment

Would you like to be able to voice your concerns and beliefs in a supportive environment?

Sometimes life can feel simply overwhelming, confusing or lonely and too difficult to see the way forward.  If you feel like you’re in a fog, confused or unable to make decisions about your life, Counselling and Psychotherapy is an opportunity for you to be heard in a safe confidential environment.  To gain some clarity, some new tools or even a new perspective.

It can help you with:

  • Relationship problems/conflicts
  • Stress
  • Loss & grief
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Fertility issues/infertility
  • Personal struggles
  • Life direction struggles
  • Work issues
  • Chronic illness or health challenges (in particular chronic pain syndromes, Chronic fatigue syndrome CFS, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome CIRS)

All counselling and Psychotherapy consultations are scheduled independently to Naturopathic/Nutrition consultations. They run for 55 minutes and all sessions are private and confidential.

Contact me to find out more about counselling and Psychotherapy.

I have been seeing Sallyanne Boore for the past 8 years. I have seen her as a Counsellor and Naturopath, and without her understanding, encouragement and professional help, I would not have coped as well with many issues over the years. She shows genuine concern and interest with whatever I am experiencing or going through, she is understanding and compassionate and is never judgmental.
I always look forward to my appointments with her, as I know I will come away feeling invigorated, cared for and supported. I trust her completely with my health and my emotional wellbeing and do not know what I would do without her, as she is part of my everyday wellbeing and I am so grateful to have her in my life, as I know she is always there for me. Di, 64 years old
Are you ready to feel well?