Wellness and Productivity Retreat

August 16 – 19, 2016


Join us at Knai Bang Chat for a retreat that offers stress management, relaxation and growth. Be prepared to rest deeply and also work on your productivity, emails and stress management. We will get you started on your Productivity Ninja journey thanks to the support of Think Productive Australia.

The retreat will include a unique combination of Wellness and Productivity Ninja content.

Why you should not miss this retreat ….

Stress and overload are some of the highest priority concerns in business (and life) today. Learning to become a Productivity Ninja will give you the awareness, knowledge, tools and techniques to help yourself and those around you. Being “on top” of what you do, managing your attention and being able to focus again will change your life forever. Improving your mindfulness, health and energy levels will have flow on effects to all aspects of your life.

Facilitators for the retreat are Matt Cowdroy from Think Productive Australia and Sally Boore from Consciously Well.


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