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    Unwell, overwhelmed, exhausted, or just at the end of your tether? There is an alternative.

    NATUROPATHY Our mind & beliefs, our physical body, and our environment must be viewed as being influential to each other, and interconnected - for us to have total health. This is Naturopathic Philosophy. I wish to listen to you and treat you as a whole person, and identify the root underlying causes of your current problems - not just covering up your symptoms.
    NUTRITION Food is information for your mind and body. Simply changing the food you eat and adding in appropriate nutritional supplements, can massively benefit your mind and physical health. Learn how to make long-term dietary changes for enormous health benefits - specifically for YOU.
    HERBAL MEDICINE Herbal medicine has been used for centuries for it's antibiotic, anti-viral, immune modulating, mood restoring, digestive system supporting qualities. I have the qualifications and experience to safely and effectively prescribe herbal medicines, often bringing immediate symptomatic relief, without the harsh side effects.
    TESTING I use evidence-based Functional Pathology testing to build a wholistic picture of your health status, aiming to address the underlying causes. This, along with traditional Naturopathic diagnostic techniques create a clearer direction back to health.

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    • An experienced Naturopath who collaborates with other healthcare professionals, balancing science, Naturopathic tradition, psychology and the body’s intuition & wisdom.
    • A health professional who is interested in the underlying causes of your problem, not just medicating or suppressing your symptoms.
    • An experienced Psychotherapist & Counsellor, who will take the time needed & listens to you in a safe and supportive environment.
    • An educator who will encourage you to understand the potential causes of your distress, and empower you to take control of your own physical and mental health.


    Whether you want to make big changes or take it step by step, I create personalised programs that will challenge and support you, but not overwhelm you.


     Get help now with conditions including:

    * Acne *Adrenal Fatigue *Allergies & food sensitivities *Anxiety *Auto-immune conditions *Depression *Dermatitis *Eczema *Fertility *Gynaecological issues *Hay fever & asthma *Headaches & migraine *High cholesterol *Insomnia *Irritable Bowel Syndrome *Irritable Bowel Disease, bloating, nausea, constipation, indigestion & heart burn (GERD) *Low vitality & fatigue *Menopause *Menstrual imbalances *Mood imbalances *Panic attacks *PMS *Pre & post-natal issues *Recurrent colds & flu *Stress *Thrush *Urinary tract infections *Weight loss


    Together we can make a big difference to how you feel in a short space of time.  Depending of course on the nature of your pre existing condition and other impacting lifestyle factors, you can expect to notice some changes as quickly as in a couple of days to a few weeks.

    Whatever particular health reason brings you to begin seeing me for Naturopathy, you most likely will be surprised by many more unexpected benefits, which can include:

    • Relief from pain
    • More energy
    • Better deeper quality sleep
    • Looking more rested, less puffy and inflammed
    • More positive moods and elimination of brain fog
    • Avoiding recurrent bouts of common illnesses, such as colds
    • Long-term solutions to chronic ailments
    • Slowing of the degenerative disease process
    • Easily & naturally reaching and maintaining an ideal weight
    • Reduced cravings for sugar & alcohol
    • Achieving a higher level of fitness
    • Faster recovery from illness and other challenges
    • Increased energy
    • Discovering and maintaining physical, mental and emotional balance
    • Stress reduction & emotional resilience
    “Sally is an experienced and approachable clinician who is passionate about health and the natural wisdom of the human body. She has an innate ability to guide others towards self-awareness and change and loves educating and supporting people to achieve their optimal health potential, both body and mind”
    "From a relative sceptic on natural medicine, I am now a convert. I would recommend Sally Boore to anyone who has health concerns that they would like addressed or if you just want to take control of your health so that instead of just waiting for something to go wrong, you work to prevent things happening" Christine, 44 years old
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    Are you ready to feel well?