Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

Level 1, 134 Willboughby Road Crows Nest 2065.


Click here for details of current location and future location.


Is there parking nearby?

There is meter one hour parking on Albany & Willboughy Rd & free council two hour parking in the Haltermann Council Carpark which is very close to the clinic.

Is there Public Transport nearby?

The clinic is a short 10 minute walk from St Leonards train and bus station.  Please see the Transport and Information website for more specific details regarding timetables.

Do you have disabled Access?

The clinic is suitable for wheelchair access.  There is a wheelchair/pram access with a ramp and a lift if needed.  There is also a set of stairs on entry for those more able bodied.  With prior arrangement I provide phone or Skype consultations for those who are unwell, disabled or cannot access the building.

Can I have consultation on the phone or via Skype?

Yes.  I am available for Skype or Phone consultations both nationally and internationally by appointment.  Please use the contact us page to inquire or booking page to directly book a skype or phone consultation.

What are your opening hours?

The practice is open by appointment only.  Herbal and Nutritional prescriptions can be ordered and picked up on Wednesdays and Saturdays or at separate times with prior arrangement & with enough notice.

Consultations with Sally:

Tuesday                2.30 – 6pm by appointment (Skype or phone only)

Wednesday          10am – 7pm – Crows Nest

Thursday              10am – 6pm by appointment (Skype or phone only)

Saturday               9am – 4.30pm – Crows Nest

Is there a fee for missed consultations and late Cancellations?

Yes, as missed appointments and late cancellations prevent me from helping someone else in need.  Please provide at least 48 hours notice (during business hours).  Missed consultations or late cancellations without 48 hours notice will incur the fee for the full consultation fee.  You will receive a courtesy reminder text before your scheduled appointment.

Rebates on consultations?

Naturopathic Consultation fees are claimable through most private health funds. Herbal and nutritional medicine prescriptions are claimable through some health funds.  Please check with your own health fund provider for details about your eligibility.

An itemised receipt will be given or emailed to you after the appointment, which you send or take to your health fund to claim.

Private health funds rebates for Psychotherapy and Counselling sessions are available through Medibank Private and Bupa (as from Jan 2019) – depending on your individual level of cover.

Counselling/Psychotherapy appointments are not able to be claimed through Medicare.  I do provide receipts which you may be able to claim on your end of year tax.

What Payment Methods do you have?

The clinic has credit card payment facilities (for Eftpos, Mastercard, Visa – not Amex).  We also accept cheque or cash payments.  Naturopathic consultations are GST exempt, however all medicines and other prescribed remedies incur GST.

Please note that fees are due on the day of the consultation and we do not offer accounts.

What do I need to do to prepare for the first Naturopathic consultation?

At the time you make your first appointment, you will be sent a comprehensive health questionnaire to be filled out online prior to us meeting initially.

Please bring copies of any past relevant test results to your consultations to ensure thorough assessment at the time of your consultation and to prevent unnecessary repetition in testing. You are welcome to email these tests directly to me prior to the initial appointment.

Do you prescribe herbs and vitamins?

Yes.  Many of my Naturopathic patients are very unwell and evidently deficient in nutrients.  Therefore depending on your individual situation, as a patient in my care, you may be prescribed individualised therapeutic doses of specific combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and herbs, in addition to individualised dietary advice.

How long will it take for me to feel better?

This will vary between each individual and your pre-existing health condition.  However, you should expect to see some changes in as early as a few days.

For others it will be longer, and will depend on the nature of your condition and other impacting lifestyle factors – such as your environment, work hours, sleep habits, stress levels, and of course your compliance to follow the eating and treatment program prescribed for you.

The duration of treatment is determined by your pre-existing health condition and desired health goals, and you will definitely get out of this experience what you put into it.

What kind of counselling do you do?

My formal training is in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Counselling which is a holistic somatically (body-mind connected) inclusive form of counselling and therapy.  This means I take into account you and your body as a unique person in relationship with and within your environment, history, relationships, your body and biochemistry etc.  I also bring to our meetings my understanding of neuroscience and the workings of the brain and nervous system; the gut or digestive system how it relates to our brain and mood; plus the hormonal system and our body’s biochemical “soup”.  All of these factors influence how we feel and think.  And how we feel and think also influence our physical body.  I also incorporate mindfulness based stress reduction practices and techniques to our meetings.

If I choose to see you as a counsellor/therapist how long do I need to come for?

This will depend entirely on you and what your needs are.  I work with adult individuals either short term (weeks to months), for life situations that are transient.  And I also work more long term (months to years) with individuals for longer pressing stressful situations, and where existing thinking, behavioural habits and patterns are causing continued distress.

I suggest you come for 2 or 3 sessions close together (consecutive weeks ideally) so we can discover together what your needs are.  Sessions are for 55 minutes.

Are you ready to feel well?

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