Intermittent Fasting for reducing inflammation and disease

Intermittent Fasting 

Also known as Time Restricted Feeding (T.R.F.) or the 5/2 Diet.

It doesn’t matter the marketing or presentation behind this concept.  This concept is NOT new.  But it is fabulous!  And I do recommend it when done correctly.

Our genetics (and brains) have historically been exposed to intermittent famine or feasting, for thousands of years.  We know how to do this innately.  Our cells and DNA expect this.  We unfortunately don’t live in a world where this is easy or encouraged.  So, we have to think outside the square and decide to choose it.

Let’s face it, we are not getting any healthier as a population.  Neurological disease is overtaking our usual diseases, as a way that we most likely will leave this earth one day.  Parkinsons’, dementia, Alzheimer’s etc, and other brain and nervous system disorders are on the increase.  And inflammation and toxin over load (from our own gut microbiome and our high chemical environment) is a leading cause.

For those who have early or late stage inflammatory conditions such as depression like symptoms, auto-immunity, cancer or anything really, this is something to seriously consider for short and long-term health and energy.

Perhaps for those with really high anxiety and imbalanced blood sugar levels, it is not something to go to immediately.  You would need specific lead up support for a couple of months prior. But it would be beneficial for you too with the right support going into it.

For those partial to research and scientific evidence…

Traditionally TRF confines food access to 9-12 hours during the active eating phase.  It has been shown in this research here to be a therapeutic intervention against obesity without calorie restriction and protects against metabolic disease even when briefly interrupted on weekends.  It is also effective against a high inflammatory fat, fructose/glucose or general sugar/carb diet.

For anyone who wants to watch some documentaries on the subject for inspiration – go for it here…

Michael Mosley: Eat, Fast & Live Longer | SBS On Demand


Lets’ face it…all disease begins with some inflammation…we cannot always find every last individual causation of the inflammation – so it makes sense that Intermittent Fasting is a good lifestyle intervention for getting general inflammation markers reduced for disease prevention.


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