Tasty chicken and vegetable patties

Gluten Free Chicken & Vege Rissoles with salad
One bowl, tasty chicken and vegetable patties – with yogurt and lime pickle dressing

These patties are great for lunches or dinner with a simple salad or steamed veges to accompany them. Or eat one for mid afternoon or mid morning snack. These patties are grain & legume free so are ideal for people wanting to avoid gluten and lectins (auto-immune, digestive, inflammatory, mental health or pain conditions). They contain protein (chicken, egg, almond) which are important to form healthy neurotransmitters for mental health. They are anti-inflammatory as they contain alkaline vegetables and fibre. They can be dairy free (without the yogurt dressing) – just add fresh lime juice as a dressing instead. For egg free, use only the chia bomb to bind ingredients (chia bomb instructions below). The chia seeds are added fibre along with the vegetables.

The salad shown contains mixed dark leaves with some left over steamed broccoli from the night before. I added some goat cheese, balsamic vinegar and a big splash of flaxseed oil (nature’s anti-inflammatory omega 3 oil). Using 2 desert spoons of either flaxseed oil or good quality olive oil is anti-inflammatory, filling and regulating on the blood sugar, curbing sugar and carb cravings.

Oh and photo shows Lili, my dog…who managed to do a superb photo bomb!


600gm mince – preferably organic (can substitute this recipe for grass fed beef mince)

1 onion finely chopped

1 beetroot grated

1 med zucchini grated

1 med carrot grated

1 cup almond meal (or more if needed to bulk it out)

1 desert spoon fish sauce

¼ cup chopped chives or other herbs of choice

1 chia bomb to bind & for extra fibre (see instructions below)

Chilli powder to taste

1 egg beaten

Spices or seasoning of choice (i.e. 1 teaspoon Cajun spice or curry powder)

Method: either hand grate vegetables or use food processer. Combine all ingredients in bowl. Mixture may be quite wet when combining. As long as you can form patties, they will firm up on baking. Add a little more almond meal if needed to form the patties. Makes approximately 12 patties.

Bake in oven or BBQ 30mins approx at 180 degrees. Turn patties to brown on both sides.

Chia bomb:

The purpose of a chia bomb is as an egg replacement. When chia is mixed in water it swells and thickens the water. This is used as a food binder.

Add 2 desert spoons chia seeds (available from health food area in supermarket) in 4 desert spoons water – mix in small glass. Allow to thicken to the consistency of yogurt – takes 2-5 minutes approx. This is high in fibre, filling and contains some omega 3 oils. Watch it form though…it will turn into cement if left too long.

Yogurt Dressing:

Full fat plain yogurt (sheep, goat or cow).

1-2 teaspoon Indian lime pickle – chopped (I get mine from Indian grocery store)

Mix ingredients together to form dressing and dollop on top of pattie


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